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Supply Chain

Access Cognos through the NUPortal or at Navigation: Cognos BI > Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration > School > Supply Chain.

Report Name Description
SC015 - Reporting by Category - Post Audit Helps track the purchases of specific product category types that are regulated and reported to the government.
SC016 - Open Encumbrance Report Helps users understand why encumbrances associated with certain purchase orders are still open. It helps users to reconcile budgets and track purchase orders that have not been finalized.
SC020 - Delivery Report Provides central receiving with detailed information about orders not fully received in order to help facilitate desktop delivery.
SC024 - PO Change Order History Tracks PO Change Order history by reporting specific field changes per Change Order Revision.
SC025 - Vendor Info Query - Expanded Search

Allows users to search for vendors by multiple criteria. Returns results such as:

- Vendor Status
- Classification
- Open for Ordering
- Effective Status

SC026 - Expenses by Submission & Workflow Status

Provides a view of Expense Reports that have not been paid for a given department or tree node.

SC027 - Match Exception Report by Department

Helps users monitor, understand, and resolve vouchers that are currently in Match Exception. Users can initially run the report by Department ID, and for further granularity, they can also enter an Invoice Number, Vendor ID or Requester ID if desired.

The report displays information about the Voucher and Purchase Order and indicates what the specific Match Exception is between these two transaction types.

It helps users understand the reasons for the Match Exception which they can either act on themselves by entering a receipt, contact PPS if a Change Order is needed or contact AP to follow-up on invoice issues.

SC028 - Voucher Activity by DeptID Provides an easy method to track vouchers by department or tree node. The report provides detailed information about
vouchers including voucher status, payment information, and voucher chart string details for help with budget reconciliation.

Report will be most useful for voucher approvers, users, and individuals with budget responsibilities.
SC030 - Open Travel Authorizations Shows all approved Travel Authorizations that have not been used to create an expense report, listed in Travel Authorization ID order.

Last Updated: 1 March 2018

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