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Financial Management Systems Training Sequence

We recommend that you sequence your training to gain a basic understanding of the systems and then build your knowledge base with intermediate and advanced level classes.

Register for classes in myHR using links from the list below, or from the Calendar.

Introductory Level Courses

Courses Duration Course Type
FMS807 Employee Expense Reports 1.5 hrs hands-on
FMS112 Run and Schedule Reports 2 hrs hands-on
FMS801 Shopping in iBuyNU 1.5 hrs hands-on
FMS803 Requester Basic Topics 3 hrs hands-on
FMS816 Receipts self-paced online
FMS832 Payment Request 1.5 hrs hands-on
FMS804 Approvals and Workflow self-paced online
FMS900 FAMIS Self Service self-paced online
FMS740 Receiving and Depositing Revenue self-paced online

Intermediate Level Courses

Courses Duration Course Type
FMS114 Reading Cognos Reports self-paced online
FMS711 Actuals Journals 2 hrs hands-on
FMS815 Requester Advanced Topics 2 hrs hands-on
FMS701 NUPlans Budgeting Basics self-paced online
FMS716 NUPlans Forecasting Basics self-paced online

Advanced Level Courses

Courses Duration Course Type
FMS502 InfoEd Proposal Development 3 hrs hands-on
FMS503 InfoEd Approvals self-paced online
FMS504 Reports in Sponsored Research 1 hr webinar
FMS505 Managing Sponsored Projects 2 hrs hands-on
FMS507 Clinical Trials Proposals 2 hrs online
and hands-on
FMS720 NUFinancials Budget Adjustments self-paced online
FMS722 NUFinancials Budget Searches 1.5 hrs hands-on
FMS723 Reconciling Budgets 2 hrs hands-on
FMS103 Cognos Query Studio 1.5 hrs hands-on
FMS705 NUPlans for Grants self-paced online
FMS706 NUPlans Advanced Topics (Optional) self-paced online
FMS707 NUPlans Compensation Budgeting 1.5 hrs hands-on
FMS708 NUPlans Fund Budgeting 1.5 hrs hands-on
FMS717 NUPlans Operational Forecasts 2 hrs hands-on

Last Updated: 3 January 2018

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