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Collaboration Services: Mobile Support Tools

Find self-service assistance for setting up and customizing your mobile device to access Northwestern Collaboration Services:

Mobile Device PIN/Password Requirements

Please become familiar with the following security enhancements for PIN/password requirements for mobile access to Northwestern Collaboration Services.

Is a PIN required on my mobile device?

The University Policy Review Committee has determined that a mobile device PIN is required to protect University data from unauthorized access in the event that your mobile device is lost or stolen. More information about mobile device security guidelines is available on the NUIT Web site.

Can I opt out of this security requirement?

If you choose to opt out of setting a PIN or password on your mobile device, you can use the Outlook Web App (OWA) from your mobile device to access e-mail and calendaring events.

Can I increase the default timeout setting to be more than fifteen minutes?

The default fifteen minute inactivity time out period is the greatest allowable setting that is compatible with the most prevalent University mobile devices and cannot be increased.

Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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