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Collaboration Services: Outlook 2011 Contacts Basics

Global Address List vs Personal Address Book (Contacts)

You have two main ways of getting access to and storing contacts. You have access to a Global Address List (GAL) that contains everyone who has an NU e-mail address and a Personal Address Book for contacts inside or outside of the University. 

Note: Please visit the IT Knowledge Base to setup LDAP Directory Services for Outlook 2011 to lookup contacts from GAL.

To access the Global Address List:

  1. Click Contacts Search on the right side of Ribbon.  The Contacts Search window will open.
  2. Type a name into the search box.  As you type, the search function will display possible matches.

    The Contacts Search window listing possible contact matches based off what is entered in the search field.
  3. Click the name of the person for whom you are looking.  A new window will pop up with this persons’ contact information.

    The contact information window for the selected person. The Add to Contacts button at the bottom-left should be clicked to automatically add this person to the personal address book.
  4. Click Save and Close.  They will appear in your Personal Address Book.

To Access your Personal Address Book (Contacts):

  1. Click Contacts in the Navigation Pane.  Your contact list will open on the Outlook screen.

    Outlook Navigation Pane. The Contacts option is selected.
  2. You can add new contacts, add contact groups, delete contacts, e-mail contacts and invite contacts to meetings from this screen.

    The Contacts main screen, from where you can add new contacts or contact groups, delete contacts, e-mail contacts, and invite them to meetings.

Last Updated: 25 March 2015

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