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Collaboration Services: Create E-mail Delivery Report in OWA

Do you need to find an e-mail you sent to someone or find an e-mail sent to you by someone else? Use OWA to create an E-mail Delivery Report that shows e-mails delivered by you or to you.

  1. Once you are signed in to OWA, click on Options (on right upper corner of page, under your name) and on the dropdown menu click on See All Options…

    The See All Options under the Options button at the upper-right portion of the screen.
  2. On the next page, click on Organize E-Mail then click on Delivery Reports.
    • To search for messages you have sent to someone, click the radio button next to Search for message I’ve set to:
    • To search for messages that have been sent to you by someone else, click the radio button next to Search for messages that were sent to me from:
    • You can also search for message with a certain subject line by typing in the text box under Search for these words in the subject line:

      The OWA Delivery Report window. The radio button should be checked for a field depending on whether you are checking for an e-mail sent to another person or an e-mail sent from a person to you. In the last field, a message can be searched for by subject line.

  3. In this example below, we will be searching for Messages I’ve sent to:. Follow the same procedures to search for Messages that were sent to me from:
    • Click on the radio button below Messages I’ve sent to:
    • To select the name of a person you want to search for messages you sent to, click the Select users… button (shown in red below).

      The Delivery Reports screen after selecting the appropriate radio button. The yellow Select Users... button should be selected.

  4. After clicking the Select users… button, the GAL (Global Address Book) will open. Type the last name of the person you are searching for in the search box and then click the magnifying glass (Search button) next to the name.
  5. If the name is in the GAL (Global Address Book) it will be listed. To pick this name, click the To button at the bottom of the window and the name you chose will populate the text box to the right of the To field. Click OK to continue.

    The Global Address Book. After seaching for a person through the search bar, the desired person's information should be selected, and the To button at the bottom of the page should be selected.

  6. Now click the Search button and you will see a listing of e-mails sent to this person. You will also see From, To, Subject and Time Sent, under Search Results. To create a Delivery Report, double-click on one of the e-mails listed under Search Results.

    The Delivery Reports screen after searching for a desired person. In the Search Results section, a list of e-mails and information will appear.

  7. A Delivery Report window will open. To send the report, click the E-Mail This Report link. You can type in your own name to send the delivery report to yourself, or send it to another account, such as Technology Support Staff.

    A sample delivery report. To send a report, click the E-Mail This Report link above the report.

Last Updated: 8 November 2011

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