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Skype for Business/Lync Overview

Skype for Business, formerly Microsoft Lync, offers a host of features to make it easy to communicate and collaborate from anywhere across the University. 

Editing a presentation with a colleague on a different campus? Skype's screen sharing feature makes it easy without having to send the presentation back and forth. Have a question for a contact in another department? View their “presence” and send a quick IM. Those are just two of the many ways Skype for Business can help you save you time and resources in your day-to-day work.

Skype for Business seamlessly integrates with your email and calendar, and offers an easy-to-use platform for:

Install Lync and Log in

Installation instructions are available in the IT Knowledge Base.

Support Tools

Use the online user guide to view in-depth Lync instructions, watch short training videos, and learn about the full set of Lync tools available. Feature comparison charts show you the full list of features available for a variety of desktop or mobile devices.

Last Updated: 7 November 2017

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