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SharePoint Site Owner Resources

Northwestern Share, the University's centralized SharePoint 2013 infrastructure managed by Northwestern IT, is now being populated with site collections by Northwestern technology partners. Site collections can be created for schools (by campus), departments, projects, programs, centers, and institutes and are then administered locally by a designated site owner from that area (usually local technology support staff). Technology staff interested in creating a new site collection must complete the Collaboration Services Request Form.

Acting as a site owner requires a significant amount of time and training to understand how to use SharePoint and appropriately deploy sites. This resource page provides the training options and support information that site owners will need to set up and then manage a site collection for their local faculty and staff.

Site Owner Training

Because SharePoint is a complex application with many potential uses, attendance in a SharePoint 2013 for Site Collection and Site Administration training class is recommended for all new site owners. This class is available to Northwestern at a discounted rate through Global Knowledge and the local school or department requesting a new site collection is responsible for the cost of attendance. Offered in Chicago and Schaumburg, it includes the following topics:

In addition to the classroom-based training, there are many additional materials site owners may use on their own time to supplement their SharePoint knowledge.

Roles & Responsibilities Checklist

Northwestern IT and local technology partners worked together to develop a SharePoint deployment strategy that would best fulfill the diverse needs of faculty and staff across the University. New site owners should use the Roles & Responsibilities ChecklistPDF to guide a successful SharePoint launch for their area.

This document outlines Northwestern IT's SharePoint responsibilities and what site owners will need to do locally to support their new site collection. It also contains best practice tips on SharePoint launch communication and training for both technology support staff and end users.

Northwestern Share Governance

From the Northwestern Share homepage,, site owners may access additional SharePoint support documents from the SharePoint Resources tab including the Northwestern SharePoint Governance Framework. This document has details on the architecture and administration of the entire SharePoint environment, as well as, information on process and procedures.

Site owners and users are responsible for following the University Appropriate Use Of Electronic Resources policy and all other applicable regulations and guidelines (ie. HIPAA, FERPA) when using Northwestern Share.

Last Updated: 4 May 2018

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