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Communities of Practice Directory

Northwestern Information Technology

Be part of the technology conversation at Northwestern by joining the Northwestern IT Yammer group. Get technology news, share project updates, ask questions, and collaborate with colleagues.

For more information, contact: Christine Ganjani at

Service Oriented Architecture

Stay in touch with a growing community of SOA practitioners by joining the SOA Notification distribution list. To learn more about SOA developers can also join the Northwestern Yammer SOA group where they can ask about existing services or begin a conversation about starting a new service.

For more information, contact: Harry Samuels at

Northwestern Box Community of Practice

Box can be a great tool when you know how to use it, but there's a lot to learn to use Box effectively. This group supports ongoing, informal learning on Box best practices for collaboration.

For more information, contact: Matthew Ivaliotes at

Web Communications

The current role of the Web Steering Committee is to serve as a forum for proactively communicating key web developments and trends. Members of the committee examine strategies for making the most effective use of the web, focusing on innovation and user satisfaction.

The committee encourages contributing units (departments, colleges, and programs) to maintain accurate, timely and effective sites that conform to usability, security, privacy and accessibility guidelines.

Topics covered by the Web Steering Committee include Content Strategy, Information Architecture, Mobile and Device Trends, Search Engine Optimization, Usability Testing, Web Accessibility, and Web Design.

For more information, contact: Janet Dobbs at

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