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Using CONDUITS Online



Chart of Accounts

Using CONDUITS Online

Which Web browsers does CONDUITS Online support?

The CONDUITS Online Order Form is compatible with the latest releases of leading Internet Web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Can I access CONDUITS Online from off-campus?

Yes. However, before you can do so, you need to use Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to establish a secure connection to the NU Network.


How do I place an order?

To place an order for telecom service, a work order contact must submit the request using the CONDUITS Online Order Form, which can be accessed from the CONDUITS Online Login Page (above the login field). To ensure that your order is processed quickly and efficiently, please use the online form as orders submitted by e-mail or phone will not be processed.

What if I can't see the form?

Only approved work order contacts are permitted to use the CONDUITS Online Order Form. If you cannot see the form and you are already an approved work order contact, contact the Northwestern IT Support Center to make sure your Internet browser is properly configured and supported for CONDUITS Online.

If you are not a work order contact, please talk to a dean, director, department chair, or department administrator; any of these officials can contact Northwestern IT Billing to have you added as a work order contact for your department.

How long after I complete my order will it take to be completed?

Requests that require a technician to visit your site (such as phone activations or moves) are completed on a five business day turn-around, unless otherwise specified. Orders can be completed faster, but extra rush charges will be applied.

Requests that do not require a technician to visit your site (such as voice mail password resets) can be completed faster. You will be contacted within two business days regarding your request.

What if I have a question about an order I submitted?

Any time you have a question regarding telecom service, contact the Northwestern IT Support Center. 

Each time you submit an order, you will receive an e-mail message that contains a confirmation number. Please be prepared to reference this confirmation number when calling about a specific order.

Can I add to an order I already submitted?

Because processing begins as soon as an order is submitted, any additions should be submitted as a new order. Depending upon the status of your original order, your new order and your original order may or may not be completed at the same time. If you need your new order to be completed with your original order, rush charges may apply.

For more information, contact the Northwestern IT Support Center.

How can I find out the status of my submitted order?

Please direct any telecom questions, including order status questions, to the Northwestern IT Support Center.

When calling about a specific order, please be prepared to reference the order number from the confirmation e-mail you received after submitting your request.

How can I cancel a submitted order?

To cancel a submitted order, contact the Northwestern IT Support Center. Be sure to include the order number from the original confirmation message.

What is a subnet?

A subnet is the first three numbers of an IP address (formatted,, or This number is needed for all data activations so that the data circuit will be networked properly. You can find the subnet number by checking the IP address of any other computer on the network that will receive the new data activation. Note: The subnet is different than the subnet mask, 255.255.255. Please make sure you do not submit this mask instead of the subnet.

What if I don't know what jack number to enter on the form?

If you cannot see a number on the jack, please write "See Notes" in the Jack Number field on the order form. Describe the location of the jack in the Notes section of the form in words such as "The jack is located on the North wall below the window" or "The jack is located on the South wall between the door and the desk."

What if my telecom service is located in a lobby or hallway, rather than a numbered room?

If the jack you need to reference is not located in a room with a specific number, describe the location with words such as "Lobby," "Hallway," or "Stairwell" within the required field on the order form. Please also enter a more clear description in the Notes section of the form.

How do I find out my Department ID Number?

All required Department information, including specific Department Names and Department ID Numbers, can be found on the CONDUITS Department Contact List.

Can I order service for a new employee if I don't have his/her NetID?

If the subscriber who will be using this service is a new employee who has not yet received a NetID, enter the department summary subscriber NetID on the order form. You can find the summary subscriber NetID for your department on the Work Order Contact List.

What do I do if my building isn't included in the Building Name drop-down menu?

If you are unable to locate your building on this list, please contact the Northwestern IT Support Center.

How do I know my order was submitted successfully?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail stating how many issues were successfully submitted as part of your order. This e-mail will also include an order number that you can reference if any changes need to be made or if you have any questions about the order.

How can I track my order?

You're able to track your recent telecommunications within the IT Service Manager.


What time period do billing reports capture?

The monthly billing cycle is from the 23rd of one month through the 22nd of the following month. Billing reports are generated on the billing date, currently the 4th of each month.

Are charges available in real time?

CONDUITS Online does not show "real time" charges. Reports generated by CONDUITS Online reflect only those charges posted as of the last billing cycle.

Will I be able to view previous billing reports?

Available billing history begins with the first CONDUITS Online billing report processed for the first billing cycle of Fiscal Year 2006, which includes charges from August 23 through September 22, 2005. Billing reports earlier than that are not available in CONDUITS Online. You will be able to view previous billing reports for each billing cycle since this time.

What happens to a subscriber's services when they leave a department or the University?

All services remain active in a subscriber's name until the department notifies Northwestern IT that the services should be cancelled or reassigned to someone else. Authorization codes are not turned off automatically. Work order contacts must contact the Northwestern IT Support Center to request any cancellation or reassignment of service.

How are new contacts added to CONDUITS Online?

New contacts are added to CONDUITS Online by Northwestern IT Billing, whose staff works with departments to determine what kinds of functions a new contact should have within the system.

My name isn't on the Contact list - what should I do?

Talk to your dean, department chair or department administrator and ask them to contact Northwestern IT Billing about adding you as a contact for your department.

How is the CONDUITS Contact list updated?

The CONDUITS contact list that you see when you access CONDUITS Online is updated nightly. As new contacts are added to CONDUITS the list is automatically updated overnight.

Why does a tax column appear on the Standard Reports in CONDUITS Online when the University is tax-exempt?

The Standard Reports functions are supplied by the vendor and cannot be modified. Thus a column of $0.00 values for tax will always be displayed.

Should I save my reports on my hard drive even though they are stored on CONDUITS Online?

Yes. For ease of access we recommend saving your reports on your own computer or on your department or school's server.

Why are there services with no charges?

Under the converged services funding model there are no monthly charges for some services. These services, along with usage information, still appear on your billing report for reference only.

What is the Subscriber ID used for?

The Subscriber ID is a unique identifier assigned to each CONDUITS Online subscriber. It is automatically generated when a subscriber is first entered into the CONDUITS Online system. 

Why does the service number for an authorization code show up as AC-99999 when the authorization code itself is a six-digit number?

CONDUITS must have a publicly viewable service number for every service and service request in the system. For many services, the actual service number translates well into a CONDUITS service number. For example, a voice line's service number is its ten-digit phone number. However, the six-digit authorization code is considered a private number known only by its owner, similar to a PIN. Since each service needs a publicly viewable service number, each authorization code is assigned a system-generated service number that will appear on the billing reports. The AC- prefix is short for "Authorization Code."

Can sponsored accounts be used to support Core Services Charges?

The converged communications charge is not an allowable direct cost on a sponsored project and cannot be assigned to a sponsored account. The converged communications charge, by definition, represents the provision of multiple telecommunications and networking services in a "bundle." The benefit derived by and cost to be assigned to an individual sponsored project from any one of the services within the bundle cannot be readily determined, which is the essential criterion of the Federal government's definition of an indirect cost. In fact, most of the services (e.g., local telephone calls) had been designated as indirect costs to sponsored projects before their inclusion in a bundled format. In addition, the converged communications charge is allocated by person on a once-per-year basis, and not on the basis of usage. This further complicates the allocation basis for sponsored projects. By extension, as the converged communications charge is not an allowable direct charge to sponsored projects, it should not be included in sponsored project proposal budgets.

The following Northwestern IT Non-Core Services that are provided, priced, and metered outside of the bundle may be assigned as direct costs to benefiting sponsored projects:

  • International long distance calls.

Questions regarding appropriate Northwestern IT costs on sponsored projects should be directed to your designated grant and contract officer/administrator in the Office for Sponsored Research or Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs.

Chart of Accounts

How are new Chart of Accounts numbers added to CONDUITS Online?

Chart of Accounts numbers are added to CONDUITS Online by Northwestern IT Billing, whose staff work with department contacts to determine how new Chart of Accounts numbers will be used and assigned.

How do I know which accounts need to be open?

Accounts 76910, 76915, 76950, 76955 need to be open and have sufficient funds for you to submit a Chart of Accounts number on the CONDUITS Online Order Form. If you have additional questions regarding accounts, please contact the Northwestern IT Support Center.

When are charges from CONDUITS Online posted to NUFinancials?

The download to NUFinancials occurs once a month, generally within five business days of the end of the billing cycle.

Last Updated: 29 August 2019

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