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CONDUITS Online (Customer Oriented Network Delivering University Information Technology Services) is Northwestern IT's secure, inclusive, Web-based system for ordering telecommunication services and tracking billing statements. The CONDUITS Online Order Form, part of the CONDUITS Online system, enables users to easily and accurately submit telecom requests rather than sending requests via e-mail. With the CONDUITS Online billing application, users can access, view, track and generate billing reports for Northwestern IT's technology-related services. Charges associated with Northwestern IT services can be found in the Northwestern IT Service & Equipment Charge List PDF.

Quick and Easy Online Ordering

Work order contacts (designated University staff authorized to order Northwestern IT telecom services) must make all requests using the CONDUITS Online Order Form, which can be accessed from the CONDUITS Online Login Page. Services available online include:

Upon submitting a request, users receive a confirmation e-mail message, including a ticket number to reference in the event that changes need to be made to the order or question arise.

Efficient Online Billing

CONDUITS Online creates online billing reports, providing departments and schools with a snapshot of applicable charges for Northwestern IT telecommunications and network services. Reporting options are available by logging into the secure CONDUITS Online billing system.

CONDUITS Online billing reports reflect monthly charges for all Northwestern IT Non-Core Services defined by Northwestern University's Converged Communications initiative. In addition to charges for Non-Core services, usage data for Core Services such as local and domestic long distance calls are available.

Who can use CONDUITS Online?

Only designated work order contacts are able to use the CONDUITS Online Order Form, ensuring that requests will not be submitted to Network and Communication Services for completion without the proper authorization. Users who are not work order contacts cannot view or submit this form.

University department usage report contacts designated by administrative heads of departments will be able to login to CONDUITS Online to access a variety of detailed online reports and summaries. Data can then be exported and distributed by the designated contacts as needed.

CONDUITS Online can also be accessed by account usage report contacts who are authorized to view all charges made against the accounts assigned to them, regardless of the department to which those accounts belong.

Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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