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BlueJeans Conferencing Service

BlueJeans, powered by BlueJeans Network (BJN), is available to anyone with a valid Northwestern Net ID. To get an account and begin using it immediately, visit the BlueJeans login page and enter your NetID and NetID password. An account is automatically provisioned for you upon first login.

This cloud-based audio/video/content sharing conferencing service is vendor-agnostic and supports high-resolution videoconferencing (720p); high-resolution content sharing (up to 1080p); and real time video sharing. Live chat is available during meetings and meetings can be recorded. End-to-end encrypted meetings are available.

In addition, BlueJeans integrates with Canvas, the University's Learning Management System, allowing instructors to conduct audio, video, and content sharing conferencing right within their Canvas courses. Student study groups can virtually meet over BlueJeans, allowing added flexibility when trying to coordinate schedules.

Key Features and Benefits

* An endpoint can be a room H.323 and telepresence systems, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or standard telephone (audio-only connection).

How It Works

Sign up for a BlueJeans User Account to schedule, host, or moderate a meeting. Accounts are automatically provisioned for use.

The first time you log in, schedule, or connect to a BlueJeans meeting using a computer you will need to download the Blue Jeans desktop application. Downloading and installing the desktop application takes a few minutes. Mobile users will need to download the app from Google Play or the App Store.

Schedule a meeting: Follow the step-by-step instructions to schedule a meeting.The meeting scheduler will receive an automated email from BlueJeans Network with connection details including a URL to access the meeting. This email can be forwarded to meeting participants or added to a meeting invitation in Outlook.

Attend a meeting: There are two ways to attend a BlueJeans meeting; using the URL received in the meeting email invitation, or directly from within your BlueJeans account. A BlueJeans account is not required to attend a meeting. How do I attend a BlueJeans meeting?

Access BlueJeans in Canvas: Northwestern instructors can access BlueJeans in their Canvas courses. While in Canvas, choose the “BlueJeans” tab on the left-hand navigation bar. When prompted, click Yes to “Authenticate” and  “Authorize.” A new account will automatically be created for first time users. BlueJeans user guides and how-to videos can be found in the Canvas Learning Center.

Download the BlueJeans Desktop Application

BlueJeans and Regulated Data

BlueJeans does not comply with some regulatory requirements for specific types of regulated data. Among the types of information that may not be maintained, shared, or processed when using BlueJeans are:

Integration with Panopto 

BlueJeans has developed an exciting integration with Panopto, Northwestern's desktop recording and media management platform. The BlueJeans integration with Panopto allows meetings that have been recorded in BlueJeans to be automatically uploaded into Panopto's platform. This not only provides a single location for all of your video content, but also allows for the meetings to be transcribed, highlighted and categorized for better search results.

To access BlueJeans recordings in Panopto, login to Panopto using your Net ID and password using the NU ADFS option from the Sign In dropdown menu and navigate to the BLUEJEANS_MEETINGS subfolder in your My Folder. More on Digital Learning.


Basic user support is provided by BlueJeans:

Contact BlueJeans:

Call: 408-791-2830
Support hours: 2:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
Start a Web Chat
BlueJeans user guides and videos

For general questions relating to getting started, how to use the BlueJeans features, and Northwestern NetID-related issues, contact the IT Support Center at (847) 491-4357 (1-HELP) or

Last Updated: 5 March 2020

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