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Northwestern IT has partnered with Weinberg College IT to provide SAFER (Sensitive Administrative Files E-Registry). SAFER is an application that interacts with Box to offer a more secure process for managing permissions to folders that contain sensitive data. Sharing on SAFER-protected folders is locked down such that permissions can only be changed after Stewards submit SAFER Request Forms.

Features and Benefits


How it Works

SAFER can be applied to an entire folder structure or a separate folder dedicated to sensitive data, referred to as the SAFER share. Once a folder is registered in SAFER, SAFER locks down the folder to prevent collaborators who are not Stewards from inviting additional collaborators. The “Invite Collaborators” option in Box is greyed out for these folders. SAFER requires that two Stewards approve every permission change on SAFER-registered folders with SAFER Forms.

When a folder is registered in SAFER, SAFER becomes the owner of the folder, and any co-owners of the folder are lowered to Editors.

Available To

How to Request Service

Email to request SAFER for your department. In this email, you will need to provide:

For more information, view the SAFER Getting Started Guide.


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Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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