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Mobile Device Overview

It is important to choose a mobile device that will support your level of use. The Mobile Device Comparison provides a quick overview of device-specific connectivity to University services that is either supported or unsupported by Northwestern Information Technology (IT).

The Mobile Computer Comparison summarizes major points of comparison and Northwestern IT user recommendations for various mobile devices to aid users in making an informed purchasing decision.

Due to the nature of the rapid evolution of mobile technology, not all mobile devices and corresponding connectivity may be listed.

Mobile Device Comparison

BlackBerry iPhone/iPod touch Palm OS 5.0 (Treo/Centro) Windows Mobile 5/6 Android (Google OS) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
@u Calendar Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Centrally Hosted E-mail ( Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Northwestern Mobile Yes (Download) Yes (Download) Yes (Download) Yes (Download) Yes (Download)
Virtual Private Network (VPN) No Yes No Yes (L2TP) No
Wireless Yes Yes No Yes Yes

Mobile Computer Comparison

Notebook PC Tablet PC Netbook
Recommended for Faculty, Staff, and Students Faculty, Students, and those that want to take notes by hand Students and users who primarily use web based services
Screen Size 10-17" 12-15" 6-9"
Storage Capacity 80-200 GB 80-200 GB 10-80 GB
Input QWERTY Keyboard Stylus and/or Keyboard smaller QWERTY Keyboard
Typical OS Windows XP/Vista/7 Windows XP/Vista/7 Ubuntu Linux, Windows 7
Price Range $500-3000 $1500-3500 $300-1000
Weight 3-10 LBS 3-5 LBS 1-3 LBS

Last Updated: 10 August 2018

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