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Collaboration Services: Set Up Windows 7 Phone

  1. Navigate to the options screen and select Settings.

    The Settings option of the options screen.

  2. Select email & accounts.

    The email & accounts option of the Settings menu.

  3. Select Outlook.

    The Outlook option of the email & accounts screen.
  4. Input your e-mail address and password. Select Sign in when you are finished. 

    Outlook e-mail setup screen. In the e-mail address field, your Northwestern E-mail address should be entered. In the Password field, your password should be entered.

  5. A new screen will pop up prompting you to try again.
  6. Delete anything in the User name field, and input your NetID.
  7. Input “ads” in the Domain field.
  8. Select Sign in.

    The Outlook screen after attempting to login once. In the User Name field, enter your NetID, and in the Domain field, enter ads.

  9. Windows 7 Phone will automatically configure Outlook.
  10. Outlook will need to synchronize a local copy of your mail data. This will only happen the first time you launch after setup and may take some time.
Note: If you have the Windows Mobile 7 phone currently syncing with a Microsoft Live/Hotmail account, you may need to modify the Account Sync options within the phone to sync with Exchange to allow replication of Calendar and Contacts.

Last Updated: 8 November 2011

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