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Northwestern Information Technology Project Team Excellence Award

Northwestern Information Technology offers quarterly and annual Project Team Excellence Awards (PTEA) to recognize Northwestern Information Technology project teams that have been highly successful in implementing a significant project.

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The following guidelines are to ensure that teams and individuals are given an award based on the highest standards of criteria.

Quarterly Project Team Excellence Award

This award recognizes Northwestern IT project teams that have been highly successful in implementing a significant project based on several criteria, including:

Upon completion of the project, nominations may be made by either the Northwestern IT project manager or a University partnering manager of the project.


  • Only key team members are nominated for the award, and this list will be vetted by the Project Manager.
  • Key team members are defined as having made a significant contribution that was above and beyond their typical duties.
  • The nominator will be asked to write a one-sentence description of how the person went above and beyond their duties towards the success of the team effort as part of the package brought to the Award Committee.
  • As this role is organic to a manager's responsibilities; those who are nominated as part of the team should receive additional scrutiny, making sure they have gone above and beyond their daily tasks.

Process and Frequency: On-going throughout the academic year

  1. The Award Committee chair is notified that a nomination has come in and gathers the PTEA committee members to discuss the nomination. PTEA committee members schedule and conduct interviews with team members and customers.
  2. Upon committees due diligence efforts, they gather to discuss and score the team using the prescribed matrix. Winning teams must earn a score of at least 7.75 to receive the award. If the committee’s decision is to award the nominated team, the decision is brought to the Leadership Team for review prior to the award being presented at the next regular Extended Staff meeting.
  3. Normally no more than one award will be given at each of the four regular Extended Staff Meetings in October, February, April, June, i.e., four quarterly awards within the academic year. If the PTEA committee feels there should be an exception made and an additional nomination is worthy of an award, the committee may present the nomination and request counsel from the Directors at a Leadership Team meeting.

Quarterly Award Presentation

Quarterly Project Team Excellence Awards are announced during Extended Staff Meetings; runners up will also be recognized. Members of the winning team receive:

  • Certificates that document the award, the individual's name, date, and project name
  • $50 gift certificate
  • Team lunch with the Director related to the project

Annual Project Team Excellence Award

Annually, the Northwestern IT leadership team selects one of the Quarterly Project Team Excellence Award winners for the annual award.

Selection Process

  1. Approximately six weeks prior to the second Extended Staff Meeting of the calendar year, the PTEA committee chair gathers the committee members to review the quarterly award nominations to determine which is most deserving of the Annual PTEA Award. The committee will decide a single winner based upon the criteria as identified for the quarterly PTEA above. This determination will be based upon quarterly score from the committee, the degree of project difficulty, impact upon the University community, etc.
  2. The PTEA committee liaison presents the Quarterly PTEA recipients to the IT Leadership Team for determination of which project is awarded the Annual PTEA.
  3. The chosen team is presented with the award at the second Extended Staff meeting of the calendar year.

Annual Award Presentation

The Annual Project Team Excellence Award is announced at the second Extended Staff meeting of the calendar year; runners up will also be recognized. Members of the winning team receive:

  • Northwestern IT Project Team Excellence Award Certificate
  • Team lunch with the VP/CIO and the director and/or associate director related to the project
  • One day off to be taken by staff within two months of the award

Past Winners

  • 2018 - Research Portal Upgrade
  • 2017 - PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade
  • 2016 - Canvas Upgrade
  • 2015 - Our Northwestern
  • 2014 - ARD BI Team
  • 2013 - Coursera MOOC Implementation

Award Committee

A rotating committee of Northwestern IT staff, excluding VP, AVP, Directors, and Associate Directors, will review all nominated projects to select award winners, if any qualify. The committee should be a cross section of IT units. Members should appreciate and support Northwestern Behaviors (as defined in Performance Excellence guidelines) and they should have a good understanding of the University beyond Northwestern IT.

Members will have a two-year term, and the committee will elect a chair every two years. For continuity purposes, if the out-going chair is leaving the committee, the outgoing chair will sit in on deliberations for the first nomination of the new year in an advisory capacity.  

Committee Members

Last Updated: 5 June 2020

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