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Guest, Affiliate, and Departmental NetIDs

NetIDs may only be requested by authorized NetID requesters. These include NetID administrators and deans, department directors, department chairs, and those authorized by a dean or department director to submit NetID requests on their behalf. If you are not an authorized NetID requester, you will need to contact your local administrator or an authorized NetID requester to make the request.

Authorized requesters may complete the Guest, Affiliate, and Departmental NetID Request. Alternately, the IT Support Center can process the request for a NetID. Email with the name of the person or group.

Guest NetIDs

Guest NetIDs are for persons outside the institution needing short-term access to University resources that require authentication. Visitors who only require Internet access do not need a NetID and should use the Guest-Northwestern wireless network.

Duration: Maximum of 30 days and cannot be extended. Examples: Short-term contractors needing authenticated access to University systems.

Affiliate NetIDs

Affiliate NetIDs are for non-University individuals who need access to Northwestern services for 30 days or more. Affiliate NetIDs provide access to wireless and most Library services. Access to additional services may be provisioned by request.

Duration: Can be used for up to one year and extended if necessary. Standard password expiration rules apply. Examples: Visiting faculty and long-term contractors.

Departmental NetIDs 

Departmental NetIDs are reserved for use by University entities including departments, organizations, groups, and projects. They are not meant for individual people. These NetIDs provide a mailbox, calendar, and email address, and have the following features:

* Note: - If a departmental account does NOT require visibility in the Online Directory, a Departmental (Organizational) account should alternatively be requested. This type of departmental account will not have a NetID, will not require annual renewal, and can be obtained by completing the Collaboration Service resource request form.

Last Updated: 12 October 2017

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