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Domain Name Services (DNS)

A domain name is a meaningful and easy-to-remember designation for an Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses are in numeric form (e.g. and are associated, or "mapped," to a domain name by a DNS server. Computers on the Northwestern network are typically mapped to a name within the domain.

When a domain name is typed in a Web browser's address bar, for instance, the name server associates it with the IP address, and the correct Web site opens in the browser window.

Submit a Request

To request IP addresses or domain names, or to make changes to existing DNS records, please complete the Hostmaster Request form. To get started, select the type of request you would like to make (Add, Change, Delete), and provide additional information as needed. Multiple hostmaster requests may be submitted on one form.

For additional help, including term and field definitions, please refer to the Hostmaster Request Help. It is also recommended that you review the University's Use of Computers, Systems, and Networks Policy.

If you have questions or need assistance with the form, please contact the Northwestern IT Support Center by calling 847-491-HELP (4357) or by submitting an online support request.

Last Updated: 28 March 2017

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