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Firewall Service

A firewall is a set of related programs located at a network gateway server that protect a private network's resources from outside network users. Basically, a firewall examines each network packet to determine whether to forward it toward its destination.

Firewalls represent one component of a strategy to combat malicious activities and assaults on computing resources and network-accessible information. Other components include antivirus software and intrusion detection software.


There is a one-time initial consulting and implementation charge, plus firewall hardware and annual maintenance. Detailed cost information is available on the Northwestern IT Service & Equipment Charge List.


Authorized departmental work order contacts can submit an order online via the CONDUITS Online Order Form with the following information:

A network engineer from Northwestern IT will contact the department to discuss and evaluate specific firewall needs. For questions about ordering this service, contact the IT Support Center.

Maintenance and Schedule

All installations and implementations of and modifications to a Network Firewall and its Configuration and Ruleset are the responsibility of the authorized Northwestern Information Technology (IT) Firewall Administrator, with this exception: maintenance of a Network Firewall Ruleset may be performed by other than Northwestern IT personnel where permitted by a documented risk acceptance agreement DOC between Northwestern IT and the School/Department/Business Unit assuming the Firewall Administrator's responsibilities.

Holiday Provisions

Northwestern IT requires one full business day to review and approve a Request Form, and due to operational and service considerations, changes to firewall rulesets are not executed any later than the scheduled maintenance window on Friday of any given week. On those occasions where a University holiday falls on a Monday or Thursday, Request Forms are to be received on the business day prior to the holiday in order to undergo the required review. Where the holiday falls on a Tuesday or Friday, approved Request Forms will be executed at the following scheduled maintenance window.

Processing of the Emergency Change Request

A Request Form is considered an Emergency Change Request (ECR) when either:

ECRs typically include a Request Form with instructions to:

To file an ECR, customers are required to:

The on-call engineer will:

If approved, the ECR will be executed at the requested date/time.

Last Updated: 21 June 2017

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