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Order a New Communications Outlet

To install telephone or data services, a jack must be connected to appropriate hardware in the switching center through several intermediate building and underground wire runs.

The actual item installed is a communications outlet, which contains three jack inserts and supports voice (RJ11) and/or data (RJ45) outlets.


Installation cost is based on time and materials required. Estimates are provided upon request.


The building must be served by NUIT voice/data services.


Authorized departmental work order contacts can submit an order for a new communications outlet online via the CONDUITS Online Order Form. All orders must include:


If you have existing data circuits that no longer seem to function properly, please call the NUIT Repair Service Center at 611. Please be prepared to provide the location of the problem circuit and the data circuit number (e.g., CDCnnnnn or EDCmmmmm). If necessary, a technician will be dispatched to your site.

Last Updated: 4 November 2014

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