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Management of Received Email on Central Service Hosts


All University users of central Northwestern IT email servers


The central email servers provide service to over 35,000 University NetID holders. These service hosts must operate as efficiently as possible. An important aspect of performance is disk space use.

Northwestern Collaboration Services Account Storage Quotas

The default quota for the majority of Northwestern Collaboration Services accounts is 25GB.

Individual account size allotments are as follows:

University Role Account Storage Size
Faculty and Staff  25 GB
Emeritus/Retired Faculty 25 GB
Visiting Faculty, Departmental Accounts, Graduate Students, Teaching Assistants, Community Assistants, Work Study Students, Temporary Employees, and Contributed Service Faculty 8GB

Policy Statement:

Northwestern Collaboration Services Quota Notifications

Primary Mail File (25GB): Accounts reaching 95 percent capacity will receive daily capacity notifications. When the quota is reached, the user can continue to receive email but will not be able to send email. When 105 percent of quota is reached or exceeded, the user will not be able to send or receive new messages. Mail sent to this user will bounce.

Background Issues:

By announcing a policy on received email storage quotas, Northwestern IT will create a more predictable service environment. The change is itself an improvement of service to the NetID holder, since more space is being allotted under the new processes. The notification process will be more graceful and will allow more time to cure quota violations. The compromise is that very large queues of received messages will eventually result is new messages being returned to the sender as undeliverable.

Last Review Date:

September 2016

January 2018

Original Issue Date:

May 2003

Revision Dates:

December 2008

July 2009

February 2010

August 2011

November 2011

October 2012

September 2016

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