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Research Lab IT Support

In partnership with the Office for Research, the Structural Biology Facility, and Northwestern IT Research Computing Services, consultation for and facilitation of research data workflows is provided. This includes support for data storage, data transfer, data integrity, etc. If you require assistance, please see the information below for examples of the types of support provided.

Research Computing Services Lab IT Core

Contact: Jenni Hartman, Research Lab Engineer

Northwestern IT Research Computing Services provides the following services to facilitate the workflow and storage of research data:

Structural Biology Facility

Contact: Jason Pattie, Computational Facilities Manager

The Structural Biology Facility provides the following services, on a case by case basis.  Responses to and fulfillment of requests are based on availability. Ongoing support and maintenance are subject to availability and require a scope of work agreement. Areas of support offered include the following:


For support, please submit a service request in NUCore.

Last Updated: 17 December 2019

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