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Greek House Telecommunications

Northwestern University Greek houses host varying levels of technical services. It is strongly recommended that all Greek houses contract with the University and ensure that telecommunications services (e.g. telephone, wired and wireless data network, entertainment television, etc.) meet the University minimum standard for residential buildings. This can be accomplished by contracting directly with Northwestern IT for telecommunications or working with the Division of Student Affairs for a complete building management solution.

University Managed Residential Facilities Telecommunications Standards

The following services are considered to be the minimum telecommunications services that are installed in University managed buildings by Northwestern IT. It is recommended that all Greek houses contract with either Northwestern IT or Student Affairs and work towards achieving and maintaining these standards.

How to Order

To order Northwestern IT telecommunications services for a Greek house, a signed Northwestern IT Greek Telecommunications Agreement must be on file with Northwestern IT, and a designated Work Order Contact needs to be identified by the Division of Student Affairs. The contact will be issued a NetID and granted access to the CONDUITS order placing and billing system. Work orders can only be placed by the appropriately authorized individual. To change a work order contact, contact Student Affairs.


Rates for all Greek telecommunication services are available on the Greek Housing Service & Equipment Charge List PDF.


All Greek houses are responsible for ensuring compliance with all governmental laws, ordinances and regulations applicable to the permitted use of the telecommunications services and shall promptly comply with all governmental orders and directives for the correction, prevention, and abatement of any violations or nuisances in, upon, or connected with the house. University policies relating to Northwestern IT services can be found on the Northwestern IT website.

Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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