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Internet Services for Students

University student residences are connected to the NU Network, allowing access to the Internet and University systems. The connection also provides residents with access to student essentials including CAESAR, NUcat, and the Course Management System.

Wireless? Northwestern's wireless network provides secure, mobile Internet access from hundreds of access points on both campuses.

Wondering if you are able to access the wireless network in your residential hall or Greek house? View a map of wireless access point locations for wireless availability in your specific area of campus.

Wired? Access the wired NU Network with an Ethernet connection from your University residence. You will need to supply an Ethernet cable, and because there is one communication outlet in each residence, you are encouraged to bring a 20 foot cable for convenient access. Please note that the only way to view NUTV is through a wired connection.

University Managed Residential Facilities Telecommunications Standards

The following services are considered to be the minimum telecommunications services that are installed in University managed buildings by Northwestern IT. It is recommended that all Greek houses contract with either Northwestern IT or Student Affairs and work towards achieving and maintaining these standards.

Last Updated: 19 April 2017

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