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Telephone Service for Students

Northwestern Information Technology (IT) offers telephone services to all students living in University residential halls or Greek houses.

Students signing residential housing contracts at the beginning of each academic year have the choice of activating telephone service that includes:

How to Sign up

At the beginning of each academic year when housing contracts are signed, undergraduate students can choose to sign up for residential telephone service from University Housing. Contact University Housing to request telephone service throughout the school year. Greek House Telecommunications services are also available.


Telephone service charges are included in the undergraduate student housing contract and billed on a quarterly basis.

Information about billing, moving, hardware, and more are addressed in the comprehensive Student Telephone Quick Reference Guide. Please note that services are available to residents at the discretion of Northwestern University, and that students are responsible for acquiring a third party calling card for international calling as needed.

Emergency Devices

For security purposes, emergency communication devices—similar to "blue light" emergency phones—are available on each floor in undergraduate residence halls as well as in common areas of graduate residences.

Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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