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Student Telephone Quick Reference Guide

Services & Dialing

Rates & Billing

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Services & Dialing

How do I sign up for telephone service?

When you sign your housing contract at the beginning of each academic year, you can choose to sign up for residential telephone service from University Housing. Contact University Housing to request telephone service throughout the school year.

What features are included with my telephone package?

The following services are included with your telephone package:

Do I need to bring my own telephone to campus?

If you choose to sign up for telephone service, you or one of your roommates will need to provide a touch-tone telephone. Cordless telephones are not recommended because privacy cannot be assured.

Only one telephone line will be provided to each room. All telecommunications devices should be plugged into the outlet marked with the purple icon. The other outlets are for personal computers.

Do I need to bring an answering machine to campus?

If you would like to receive voice messages while you are away, you are encouraged to bring an answering machine as voice mail is not currently included in the telephone service package.

Where do I find my phone number?

If you live in a University residence hall and have signed up for telephone service, the telephone number for your room is printed on your Residence and Board Contract. Telephone numbers are permanently assigned to a specific room and may not be moved from one room or hall to another.

If I change rooms, can I keep my same phone number?

Each phone number is associated with a residence hall room. When you move, you will not be able to take your phone number with you. You will be assigned the phone number associated with your new room.

If an existing roommate would like to keep the telephone service, it is that roommate's responsibility to contact University Housing to arrange the change.

Is summer session telephone service available?

Contact University Housing for more information about summer session telephone service.

How do I make an outgoing call?

Evanston residence hall to Evanston campus: Dial 5-digit extension (x-xxxx)

Evanston residence hall to off campus: 9 + 1 + area code + telephone number

Evanston residence hall to Chicago campus: 9 + 1 + 312 + telephone number

Chicago residence hall to Chicago campus: 1 + 312 + telephone number

Chicago residence hall to off campus: 1 + area code + telephone number

Chicago residence hall to Evanston campus: 1 + 847 + telephone number

How does my number appear on caller ID?

Your residence hall name and room number appear on the call recipient's caller ID screen when you call. For example, if you are calling from Engelhart Hall, Room 109 B, "ENGHRT 109B" will appear on the screen.

How do I make an international call?

You are responsible for acquiring a third party calling card for international calling as needed. Pre-paid calling cards--manufactured by Sprint, AT&T, and more--can be purchased at local supermarkets and convenience stores.

How do I cancel call waiting?

You can cancel call waiting temporarily to prevent interruptions during outgoing calls. To cancel call waiting for an outgoing call, press *70. You will hear two beeps followed by a dial tone when call waiting has been successfully cancelled. Place the call to the other party. When your connection is terminated, call waiting is reactivated automatically.

Does Northwestern IT block calls?

The following types of calls are blocked:

Can I make/accept collect calls?

Because there is no way to easily identify which roommate would accept an incoming collect call, collect calls placed to your room will be blocked, as they are to nearly all other University telephones.

There are no restrictions on "outgoing" collect calls (collect calls made from the NU Campus Network to locations outside the Network).

How can I report harassing or obscene phone calls?

Harassment by telephone is a violation of Illinois State Law. Report harassing or abusive calls to the Northwestern University Police for investigation at 1-3254.

Rates & Billing

How much does the phone service cost?

Undergraduate residential telephone services for students who live in a University-managed facility are billed at $54.27/academic quarter, which is included with the University Housing payment. Billing questions can be directed to University Housing.

Graduate students can contact University Housing with any questions.

If I have a roommate, are we both charged for telephone service?

The first roommate to select telephone service while signing the University Housing contract is responsible for any charges associated with the service. It is each roommate's responsibility to "split" any associated charges.

How do I cancel my service?

Contact University Housing to cancel your telephone service.

Directory & Contact Information

Is there a Northwestern Directory?

Yes, you can access the Northwestern University Online Directory to locate available contact information for Northwestern faculty, staff, and students.

How do I change my contact information?

Access CAESAR, the Web-enabled Student Enterprise System, to report changes, additions, or deletions to your student information.


What if I have problems with my telephone service?

Call the Service Repair Center at 611 at anytime -- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week -- to report any of the following problems: no dial tone, static, trouble placing campus calls, trouble with call waiting or trouble with incoming calls.

Northwestern IT provides working dial-tone hookup to each residence hall room and sleeping rooms in Greek houses. The outlet marked with the purple icon should provide a dial tone. Should a problem arise with your telephone service, test your outlet to determine the source of the problem(s). Use a telephone and cord that you know are in good working condition and test the outlet in your room marked with the purple icon.

If you are able to call out with the substitute telephone and cord without any difficulties, your telephone or cord is probably the cause of the problem. If the problem recurs with the substitute equipment, the problem is probably with the NU Campus Network.

When you call 611, you will be asked for your name, address and room number; your NU ID number; the number of the telephone with the problem, a brief description of the problem; and a working telephone number where you can be reached. Northwestern IT will test the line and attempt to clear the trouble. If it is determined that a technician must be dispatched to your room, an appointment will be made no sooner than the next business day between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except for holidays. You must specify a two-hour window during which someone will be available to let the technician in your room. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to provide access to your telephone outlet for the Northwestern IT technician. Technicians will not enter a room unescorted; you or your designated representative must be available to provide access to your telephone outlets and must remain with the technician throughout the visit. The Northwestern IT technician will leave a summary card detailing the nature of the problem and how it was resolved, as well as the date and time of the visit. If a technician responds during a scheduled time frame and cannot gain entry due to the absence of you or your representative, you will be charged for the visit, and it will be your responsibility to reschedule the repair by calling 611.

Note: Northwestern IT does not repair or replace telephones. Contact the manufacturer or the place of purchase to arrange for repairs.

What are the service repair rates?

Repairs are free of charge unless any of the following apply:

When repair charges are applicable, consult the Service and Equipment Charge List PDF. Charges will be billed to the roommate who placed the repair call. The repair charges will appear on that roommate's next monthly billing statement from University Housing. However, questions regarding billing of repairs should be referred to the Northwestern IT Support Center.

Note: In the case of an emergency repair, premium rates will apply.

Last Updated: 5 April 2017

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