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Tips to Securing Your Internet of Things (IoT)

infographic of internet of things (not) devices

There's no denying that new devices are fun, but while there are more opportunities to interact with people, share information, and stay connected, we also need to be aware of the risks these things may introduce. The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to expand as more of our “things” become connected. The IoT can include watches, televisions, appliances, smart speakers, security systems, vehicles and much more. Networked “smart homes are common.

Make sure all connected devices have security precautions. Understand what information your devices collect and how that information is managed and used. To ensure that a new device is an asset, rather than a liability, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Using your devices to store and process sensitive information every day makes protecting your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other devices an important part of securing both your identity and your data. Find out more: Tips for Securing Your Devices.

Last Updated: 30 September 2020

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