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Research Data Storage

Northwestern faculty, post-doctoral, student, and staff researchers can choose from several research data storage options depending on their storage needs and data requirements. These services include: Research Data Storage Service, Quest Storage, and Northwestern Box.

NOTE: Only the Research Data Storage Service may be used to store data that is subject to regulatory or compliance requirements, including but not limited to:

Service Offerings

Research Data Storage Service

The Research Data Storage Service provides Northwestern researchers with a place to securely store and share research data. This service is available to faculty, staff, and students and complies with most legally and contractually restricted data policies. This storage is considered HIPPA compliant. Daily snapshots for file backup are available to the user, as well as daily replication to a remote cluster for additional data protection.


Data Storage Options

Features and Uses Research Data Storage Service Quest Storage Northwestern Box


Desktop  Mountable Quest Login Web-based portal, desktop sync, and mobile Apps


$137/TB Annually

$355/1 TB –for 5 years N/A

Data Loss Prevention

Daily Snapshots and  replication kept for 28 days N/A File recovery from Trash up to 30 days
Intended for Non-Sensitive Data Yes Yes Yes
Intended for Legally/Contractually Regulated Data
Yes No No*

Special features/Limitations

Read-only or read-write access groups managed through Outlook Web Access Only accessible through Quest File size limit 15 GB

Service Owner

Research Computing Services



Last Updated: 4 June 2019

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