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ArcGIS Quick Reference

Can I install the 32-bit version of ArcGIS on a computer running Windows 64-bit?

Yes, the 32-bit version of ArcGIS can be installed on a workstations running 64-bit Windows. You cannot install the 64-bit version of ArcGIS on a workstation running 32-bit Windows. Additional system requirements can be found here.

How can I determine if the software license installed correctly?

Go to the Start menu, select All Programs, then ArcGIS. Click on ArcMap 10.3 and verify that the program launches successfully. If not licensed correctly, the software will not open.

ArcGIS was not licensed properly as part of the installation. How do I authorize ArcGIS?

If your Internet connection is interrupted during installation, you will need to run the following command from a command prompt with administrator rights. You must have Internet connectivity to authorize ArcGIS properly.

To access the command prompt, go to the Start menu and type cmd in the search box at the bottom of the menu to open the command prompt. Then copy and paste "C:\Program Files\Common Files\ArcGIS\bin\softwareauthorization" -S –LIFArcGISforDesktopAdvanced_SingleUse_329688.prvc into the command line. Press Enter.

If you installed 32-bit ArcGIS on 64-bit Windowscopy and paste "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ArcGIS\bin\softwareauthorization" -S-LIF ArcGISforDesktopAdvanced_SingleUse_329688.prvc into the command line. Press Enter.

When does the license expire? How do I renew my license?

The license expires on December 31 every year. To renew the license, visit the Northwestern IT Software page to download and install the latest version at the beginning of the calendar year.

Can I install ArcGIS on my personal computer?

Under the site license, current students, faculty, and staff may download and install the software on a personal computer for academic purposes during their time at the University.

Can I use ArcGIS after leaving Northwestern?

No, you must uninstall ArcGIS after leaving the University.

What should I do if need support or if I have other questions?

Please send your inquiries to

Last Updated: 20 April 2017

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