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LabVIEW for Faculty, Staff, and Students

LabVIEW is a National Instruments system-design platform and development environment for the “G” visual programming language. Northwestern has negotiated a campus-wide site license for LabVIEW with the guidelines below.


Applications Included in the Site License

Install and License

Faculty/Staff/Graduate Students/Post Docs

This package for use by Northwestern faculty, staff, graduate students, and post docs is for research purposes and should be installed on University-owned computers. Research-based licenses do not expire, although in order to keep LabVIEW current (and the Northwestern campus agreement active), users will need to repurchase LabVIEW annually through SHI. Please Note: Northwestern renewed its license for a two-year term in October 2018, so a renewal purchase is required after two years, if purchased after October 2018.

Research-based users are defined as Northwestern faculty, staff, graduate students, and post docs who create or modify programs and files using LabVIEW components. Please note, users of equipment (located either in core facilities or independent labs) controlled by LabVIEW do NOT need to purchase a license for LabVIEW; only users who modify or create new code using LabVIEW must purchase access to the license. After purchasing access to the license through iBuyNU, each user will receive an email containing a link to the download page, as well as the registration key information for the package.

Undergraduate Students

This package is for use by undergrad students of McCormick and Weinberg for teaching/academic use, to be installed on each student’s personal computer. Although free, student licenses will be active for one year and will need to be recertified annually. Northwestern Information Technology, Weinberg IT, and McCormick IT will monitor usage to ensure only eligible undergraduate students participate in the student install option.

Students can certify their status and access the "Student Install Option" through a secured Student Install Portal. Please note, undergraduate students participating in research—such as a Summer Undergraduate Research Grant awardee—who require access to LabVIEW for their work must purchase access to the research-based license using lab funds.

After certifying status as a currently enrolled Northwestern undergraduate through the portal, each student will receive an email containing a link to the download page, as well as the registration key information for the package.

Last Updated: 2 November 2020

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