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MATLAB Additional Links

There are many MATLAB sites on the web. Here are some starting points.

MATLAB Primer (PDF) is a comprehensive introduction to MATLAB, its desktop, computational and graphical tools.

MATLAB Programming Fundamentals (PDF) is a concise collection of explanations and advice to help you program MATLAB.

The MathWorks Support Site for MATLAB.

Matlab Boot Camp - Brandeis University.

It's important to understand how MATLAB generates random numbers. By default, all streams are equal unless you do something special!

The blog comments and follow-up responses are of equal importance to the initial essay:

Checkpointing MATLAB Programs, by Michael Croucher. A discussion of how to periodically save the state of your program so that, if it is interrupted, it can be started again from where it left off, as opposed to starting again from the beginning. Be sure to save the state of your random number generator in the checkpoint files.

You can greatly improve the performance of your MATLAB codes by always vectorizing your code.

Vectorized code makes it easy to exploit the parallel compute engine in an NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPU. First, make sure that you have a CUDA-enabled GPU installed in your PC. If not, you might be able to purchase an NVIDIA GPU and install it yourself. Then install and test NVIDIA CUDA, the software you need to work with the GPU. With the preliminaries completed, it's easy to use MATLAB to program your GPU, starting with vectorized code.

MATLAB GPU Computing Support for NVIDIA CUDA-Enabled GPUs is a good place to start if you want to further explore the topic. You can use NVIDIA CUDA GPUs through the MATLAB Parallel Computing Toolbox.

GPULib (free for academic use) provides bindings that help you use standard MATLAB code to access the GPU.

Compile MATLAB Programs. With this technique, you can compile and run MATLAB M-files as multiple concurrent standalone applications (which do not require license server access).

John D'Errico's Optimization Tips and Tricks, for the Optimization Toolbox, Linear and Nonlinear Regression is oriented toward both old and new users.

Additional MATLAB Toolboxes

Other sources of toolboxes include:

Last Updated: 24 June 2015

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