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How to Obtain MATLAB

Northwestern Students

Students who are currently enrolled at Northwestern can obtain MATLAB under the Total Academic Headcount Student license. Under this license, MATLAB should be installed on student-owned computers, and is only for academic use. Your license will expire when you leave the university. Free renewals are processed in the fall quarter, after registration is complete.

Obtain the software from:

Northwestern Faculty and Staff

Northwestern faculty and staff can obtain MATLAB for Windows, OS X, and Linux under a one-year lease. You must renew annually.

Follow these steps:

  1. Your MathWorks Account
  2. Get a License from Your School's Administrator
  3. Download and Install MATLAB

System Requirements:

Fees, policies and procedures for obtaining a MATLAB license vary among the administrative units. To obtain the license codes, contact the MATLAB license administrator for your College or School.

Step 1: Your Mathworks Account

A MathWorks account is used to install MATLAB from the MathWorks web interface and then to activate your license after you install the product.

We must use a Northwestern email address ending in when we create your MathWorks account. The MathWorks will send you email explaining how to get started with your new MathWorks account. Your new account will be associated with a site license giving you permission to download and install MATLAB under that particular license.

Step 2: Get a License from Your School's Administrator

If you are affiliated with the following schools, please contact them directly to obtain permission to activate a MATLAB license for your installation.

Specify your NU email address when contacting your school's administrator. Your administrator will then authorize your MathWorks account to download and install MATLAB. A MathWorks account will be created if you don't have one already. Your account name will be the same as your email address.

If you have a Concurrent MATLAB license you will be sent a license file to be used with the installation. No license activation is required.

Group license installations are completely handled by the web installer and no license file will be sent to you. License activation is performed by the installer.

Fees, policies and procedures for obtaining a MATLAB license vary among the administrative units.

Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences: see Obtaining Matlab from Weinberg IT.

McCormick School of Engineering & Applied Science: see the McCormick MATLAB page.

Kellogg School of Management: see the Kellogg Information Systems support page.

Feinberg School of Medicine: Feinberg MATLAB.

Others: Northwestern Information Technology:

The MATLAB license expires annually in September. Contact your MATLAB administrator to renew your license.

Step 3: Download and Install MATLAB

Wait for notification from your MATLAB administrator that your MathWorks account has been associated with a license. Carefully note the license number that you have been assigned.

You will also receive a license file to be used in the installation process for the Concurrent license. Transfer that file to the computer on which you're installing MATLAB.

Download the MATLAB Installer from the MathWorks Downloads page. Choose (1) the Release, (2) Platform/Operating System and then download the Installer.

Now go to Install Products Using a MathWorks Account and follow the instructions there to use the Installer to download and install MATLAB on your computer.

Select the Installation Method Log in with a MathWorks Account.

In Step 7, you will be presented with a Product Selection screen with a list of possible toolboxes to download and install. You need only install MATLAB, but you can choose other toolboxes from the list displayed. Note that, under the Concurrent license, some toolboxes are restricted for certain users. Although you can install those toolboxes, you cannot check out licenses to use them.

Choosing to install all available toolboxes is wasteful of your time and disk space. It is not recommended. Remember that you can always install a needed toolbox later by rerunning the installer.

After you choose which toolboxes to install in addition to MATLAB, if you have a Concurrent license, you will be prompted to provide the license file location. That's the license file that was sent to you by your administrator.

Make your way through the installation screens, following the instructions from the Installer.

Concurrent License Notes

Do not install the FLEXlm License Manager under the Concurrent License. You will be using your network connection to access the MATLAB license server managed centrally for the university.

Firewall Information: Your firewall must permit two-way access to TWO TCP ports: 27000 1970

Last Updated: 23 August 2019

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