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Microsoft Power Automate

This image is the icon for Power AutomatePower Automate, formerly Microsoft Flow, is an online tool within the Office 365 applications and add-ins, used for the creation of automated workflows between apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, and collect data. Examples of automated workflows include:

How It Works

Use Power Automate to create an original multi-step flow, or choose from hundreds of templates, and connect to over 150 data sources (or connectors) to collect data, synchronize files, and receive notifications. Tip: If you are unable to find a particular template, try the Power Automate Cookbook.

Once a workflow is set up in Power Automate, the workflow acts in the background to alert you to specific notifications, upload files, and completed desired automated tasks.

Power Automate workflows depend on when a triggering event occurs. The event may be any of the following:


A power platform environment is a space where a maker stores and manages their apps and related business data. By default, all licensed Northwestern users have access to the Personal Productivity and NU Users External Approved environments. Feinberg users have access to the Personal Productivity and FSM Users environments.

Data protection policies are assigned to each environment to manage the flow of Northwestern’s O365 business data to external platforms:

Third party connectors must be vetted by Northwestern IT. Please email the IT Support Center at, and list the external connector(s) to be approved by Collaboration Services. 

NOTE: If you plan to share your app, please contact Collaboration Services for guidance.

Available To


There is no cost to use the standard Power Automate license.


Northwestern offers the Standard Power Automate license which allows for a limited number of app runs executed by the user per month. This license excludes the use of Common Data Services (CDS), custom connectors, and premium connectors which are offered through the Premium Power Automate license.

The availability of the Premium Power Automate license is under consideration for late fall quarter 2020.

Getting Started

  1. Go to and sign in to Office 365 with your NetID and NetID password, as necessary.
  2. From the Office 365 home page, click All apps.
  3. From your list of available Office 365 apps, select Power Automate.

Support Resources

While Northwestern IT supports the installation of Office 365, support is not offered for individual applications. Please refer to the Microsoft Power Automate Quick Reference Guide or see the MicrosoftMicrosoft and LinkedIn Learning resources listed below for specific information.


LinkedIn Learning

Last Updated: 26 August 2020

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