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RHEL Satellite Server Administrators

University schools and departments may designate a maximum of five users authorized to access the NU Red Hat Enterprise Linux Satellite Server which provides downloads for software updates as they become available.

School and department technology leaders may submit changes to the administrator list by completing the NU Red Hat Satellite Server Account Request Form.

Quick Links to Department List

Information Technology

Name Department
Jay Bagley Technology Support Services

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The Feinberg School of Medicine

Name Department
Rocky Xu MED - Management Info Systems

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The Kellogg School of Management

Name Department
Jason Tham Kellogg Information System

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McCormick School of Engineering

Name Department
Cicero Holmes MEAS Administration
Gary Lyons MEAS Administration
Chris Gilmore MEAS Administration
Alan Wolff MEAS Administration
Craig Neumann MEAS Civil/Environmental Engineering
Pred Bundalo MEAS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Johnathan Gaetz MEAS IMES Engineering
John Anderson MEAS SEGAL
Rick Marzec MEAS Mechanical Engineering

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Medill School of Journalism

Name Department
Greg Schrader Medill Administration

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Office of the Registrar

Name Department
Bill Berry Office of the Registrar

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School of Communication

Name Department
John Arends SoC Administration/IT
Andy Jelagin SoC Administration/IT
Alex Sotelo SoC Administration/IT
Brandon Grill SoC IT

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Student Affairs

Name Department
Luke Ross Student Affairs IT

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University Library

Name Department
Matt Stork Library Information Technology
Marek Babala Library Information Technology
Steve DiDomenico Library Information Technology
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The Graduate School

Name Department
Matthew Carroll TGS IT

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Weinberg College of Arts & Science

Name Department
Matthew Carroll Weinberg IT
George Campbell Weinberg IT
Nate Friedl Weinberg IT
Dan Johannsson Weinberg IT
Adam Finlayson Weinberg IT
Matthew Ivaliotes Weinberg IT
Carlos Hurtado Weinberg IT
Alex Ruiz Weinberg IT
Tyler Maclean Weinberg IT
David Buchholz WCAS Physics

Last Updated: 15 March 2018

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