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G Suite Overview

Northwestern has partnered with Google to provide G Suite for Education accounts for student collaboration. 

G Suite email accounts are official student email accounts, and all official University correspondence will be sent to them.

G Suite accounts have unlimited storage with access to the following core apps:

The following G Suite accounts are available at Northwestern:

The standard elements of the email address include your official first and last name as entered in CAESAR and your anticipated graduation year.

Note: accounts are no longer being offered, as Feinberg School of Medicine students are required to use accounts for HIPAA compliance reasons (some legacy @fsm accounts still exist). accounts are no longer being offered, as Pritzker School of Law students are now required to use accounts (some legacy @nlaw accounts still exist). 

Students and Alumni

Most Northwestern students, including undergraduates, graduate students, and some School of Professional Studies students will use accounts.

Three schools do not use G Suite:

Alumni – that is, individuals who have graduated from Northwestern – are eligible to continue using their existing G Suite accounts. Alumni can also choose delete their existing account and use an or account instead.


Faculty members who want to use G Suite apps to collaborate with students can request a G Suite account by emailing


Student Groups and Organizations

Organizational G Suite accounts are available to officially recognized student groups, religious and spiritual groups, and University departments who need G Suite apps to collaborate with students. To facilitate communication between group members, organizational accounts will also include a Google Group .

To request an organizational G Suite account, have a group representative submit the @u Organizational Account Request Form.



For general assistance using your G Suite account, you can search the G Suite Learning Center.

You can also access G Suite articles at the Northwestern IT Knowledge Base.

If you have any questions about your account as an alum, contact the Alumni Support Team at

For all other questions, contact the Northwestern IT Support Center at .




Last Updated: 1 June 2021

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