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The Northwestern University School of Law offers an enhanced collaboration service,, for student use of Gmail, Calendar, IM, Docs and Spreadsheets, Sites, and Groups.

All students at the Northwestern University School of Law automatically receive accounts with automatic access to robust educational tools, designed specifically for universities. The collaboration service, powered by Google Apps for Education, is comprised of 

Listed below are answers to frequently-asked questions about accounts.

How do I log in to my account?

Visit the Log In page to access your account.

How do I activate my account?

Go to the Account Activation page. You can also set up an account "nickname" when you activate your account.

NOTE: After your account is activated, it is strongly suggested that you add your address to your account so you can send messages to "closed" University listservs to which you are subscribed.

What will my account username be?

The graduation year that you select when you activate your account will be used as part of the account name. If you are a non-degree student, select '-NONE-' from the graduation year dropdown list. account usernames are generated from the formula below:

First initial + dash + last name + graduation year + (e.g.,

For non-degree students, the formula would be:

First initial + dash + last name + (e.g.,

Can I have an account username that does not contain my first initial or last name?

Yes. When activating an account, any student who has elected FERPA protection at the Registrar's office will receive a scrambled account name that does not include the first initial or last name.

Scrambled account names are created from the formula below: [letter][number][letter][number][letter][number] (e.g.

IMPORTANT: This will be the default username for logging in to your account. You can also create a nickname when the account is activated to use as an alternate e-mail address.

What will happen to my Northwestern mailbox after I activate my account?

Once you have activated your account, you will have 21 days to transfer any information from your existing Northwestern mailbox to your new account.

Follow these instructions to transfer email or import an address book.

When your account is activated, the mailbox fields that are displayed in the Northwestern University Online Directory will immediately be updated with your new mail address.

NOTE: After 21 days, your Northwestern mailbox will be deleted automatically, and you will not be sent another notification before the mailbox is deleted.

Will my email address still work after I activate my account?

Yes. To ensure that University listservs continue to work, any mail that is sent to your address will be automatically forwarded to your account once you activate your account. This forwarding service will continue until four to six months after graduation. You will not, however, be able to use your Northwestern mailbox after the 21 day transition period described above.

You should notify your contacts of your new @nlaw address and begin to use it as your primary University email address.

What is a nickname?

A nickname is an additional email address. For example, a nickname for could be

You can send and receive mail sent to your assigned account name or any of your account nicknames.

How do I create and remove nicknames?

You will be given the ability to add a single nickname when you activate your account.

After activation, you have the option of creating and modifying up to three nicknames by visiting the Account Management page.

After creating nickname(s) for your account, you must add the nicknames as new email accounts. Then you can send mail from any nickname account by selecting the nickname from the dropdown list in the "From" field when composing an email.

Your account nicknames will not be automatically displayed in the Online Directory. If you want to publish your nicknames in the Online Directory, add the information to the Other field in the following format:;

IMPORTANT: You cannot login to your account using any of your nicknames.

How many nicknames can I have?

You can have up to three nicknames at any given time. You also have the ability to delete existing nicknames and replace them with newer ones.

Visit the Account Management page to create or remove account nicknames.

How can I reflect a formal name change within my account?

You need to formally change your name through CAESAR. The Northwestern University online directory will reflect your change within one business day.

Once the Northwestern University online directory reflects your change, you will then need to go to the Account Management page to complete the name change within your account.

NOTE: While your default account username will never change, nicknames can be added to reflect name changes.

How do I change my password?

Visit the Account Management page to reset your password.

NOTE: This process requires a NetID and NetID password.

Where can I find support for my account?

Go to the Google Learning Center for all general assistance and troubleshooting issues, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Current @nlaw students may also direct questions to the Law School IT Helpdesk at 312-503-7000 or

For additional general account information, including options, settings, and security, go to the Knowledge Base Technical Support.

Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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