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Telephone Services at Northwestern

Northwestern Information Technology (IT) provides both IP-based (powered by Voice over Internet Protocol and Session Initiation Protocol technologies) and traditional time division multiplexing (TDM) phone services to the Northwestern community. Before ordering, learn more about features and availability for both.


IP-based services, powered by VoIP and SIP technologies, allow you to make telephone calls using the Northwestern Network.

An IP-based telephone set is a piece of equipment that looks and works like a traditional telephone set and is connected to the IP network. IP service allows for enhanced phone features and functionality, including mobility and presence. User guides are available for all phone sets available at Northwestern.

IP-based telephone services are available to users in upgraded buildings. Moving forward, Northwestern IT will only deploy IP-based service in new buildings and newly-renovated buildings, along with the following campus locations:

More information about IP-based telephone sets is available at Single Line Telephones.


Traditional time division multiplexing (TDM) phone offers basic phone features including voicemail and caller ID. Departments also have specialized options available including automatic call distribution systems and toll-free numbers.

To learn more about the different telephone sets available at Northwestern, visit:

How to Order

To order telephone services, a University work order contact must submit a request using the CONDUITS Online Order Form.


Hearing Assisted Telephone Solutions

Several manufacturers including Plantronics® and ClearSounds® offer telephone accessories for use with hearing aids as well as for non-hearing impaired users who need more volume than what a telephone can provide.

Hearing Aid Compatible

Heasets for use with Nortel 1120/1140 or Polycom 550/670 Telephones:

Bluetooth option for use with Nortel 1140 Telephones:

Headsets for use with Cisco 7841 and 7861 Telephones:

 Bluetooth Option for use with Cisco 7800 Series and 8851

 Additional Volume

For use with Nortel 1120/1140 or Polycom 550/670 Telephones:

For additional assistance using hearing assisted devices on University phones, contact the Northwestern IT Support Center.

Accessibility Features for the Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series

The Cisco IP Phones 7811, 7821, 7841, and 7861 provide accessibility features for the the visually and hearing, impaired. Because many of these features are standard, they can be used by users with disabilities without requiring any special configuration.

For additional information see the following resources:

Last Updated: 27 August 2018

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