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Northwestern Offers Opt-In Grading Tool in All Canvas Courses

Posted Date: 8 May 2018

Modified Date: 10 May 2018

Effective Date: 7 May 2018

In partnership with the Office of the Registrar, Northwestern Information Technology has created an opt-in grading tool that allows University faculty to easily send grades entered in Canvas directly to CAESAR, Northwestern’s system of record for student data. The tool, called GradeSync, is immediately available to instructors for recording spring quarter grades.*

Twenty-one faculty across 30 separate courses piloted GradeSync during the recent fall and winter quarters, for approximately 1,414 student grades. GradeSync saved those instructors approximately six to 12 hours of time that was usually spent choosing each student’s letter grade in CAESAR, one by one. For an instructor with a large class or with multiple sections in CAESAR, that process could be both painstaking and error-prone – until now.

Sara Sood, Associate Professor of Instruction in the McCormick School of Engineering, found GradeSync to be a hugely beneficial tool, “It [GradeSync] cuts down on errors when entering final grades and also saves you a great deal of the time it would normally take to enter them. My classes range in size from 200-400 students so manually entering grades one by one was not an ideal workflow. I definitely recommend that my colleagues give it a try.”   

Instructors have the option to review and modify grades before sending them to CAESAR. Instructors can use GradeSync more than once throughout the grading period, as well, allowing instructors to submit their grades in batches, or to make adjustments. CAESAR will always reflect the most recent GradeSync submission by an instructor.

University instructors may start using GradeSync immediately. Instructions for how to get started can be found in the Canvas Resource Hub.

*Not for use in Northwestern Pritzker School of Law classes at this time.

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