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Research Portal AWS Transition Team Recognized as IT’s Best for 2018

Date: 23 Apr 2019

The research portal AWS Transition DevOps Project Team



Pictured (left to right): Moses Phenany, Jason Miller, Mark Jablonski, Alex Truong, and John Walsh



At the end of each year, Northwestern IT leadership recognizes the project team whose work has significantly and positively impacted the University with the annual Project Team Excellence Award. Recipients are chosen based on their success around four criteria:

The winners of the 2018 Project Team Excellence Award are Alex Truong, Jason Miller, John Walsh, Ling Su (not pictured), Mark Jablonski, and Moses Phenany – the Research Portal AWS Transition DevOps Project team.

The Northwestern Research Portal is a tool for faculty and research administrators across the University to view all of the administrative information relevant to their projects in a consolidated, easy to digest way. The information presented is user-aware, meaning that each person that logs in only sees what is relevant to them and nothing else.

The AWS (Amazon Web Services) Transition Project took the initial architecture of the site and converted it to a DevOps pipeline, allowing for a more robust technical backend that makes it easier for multiple developers to update and promote branches of code parallel to one another. Through this work, updates to the Research Portal, which provides support to all 3,800+ researchers and almost 6,000 active projects at Northwestern, can be deployed faster and with more regularity.

At the quarterly staff meeting for Northwestern IT, Vice President and Chief Information Officer Sean Reynolds highlighted the key phrase from the team’s nomination that led to the selection of this team for the annual award, “The members of the project team were a model of cross-department work. […] These individuals, who had no previous knowledge of DevOps nuances, rose to the occasion, cautiously navigating a new way of doing things, and, once confident, ran with it.”  

From all of us in Northwestern IT – congratulations to the team!

The other project teams considered for the annual award were the Student Health Insurance Redesign team and the SES Campus Solution/CAESAR Upgrade 9.0-9.2 team, both previous winners of the quarterly Project Excellence Team Award.  

Interested in submitting a nomination? Nominations for the Project Team Excellence Award may be made by either the manager of a project within Northwestern IT or its University partner upon completion.

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