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Transition Plans for a New VPN Service

Posted Date: 7 Oct 2019

Effective Date: 7 Oct 2019

Northwestern IT will soon begin transitioning to a new virtual private network (VPN) service, Palo Alto Network’s GlobalProtect, which will continue to provide students, faculty, and staff with secure access to University services and the internet when off-campus. The transition period will occur over several months, beginning in winter 2019 and continuing through spring 2020.

This move offers many benefits for the University community. Primarily, GlobalProtect will replace our three existing VPN clients—Pulse Secure SSL VPN, Cisco AnyConnect, and the built-in native VPN services—into a single, centrally supported service. Having only one service will streamline University resources and enable a more effective support model. Additionally, it will provide increased security for users through the addition of Multi-factor Authentication.

In September, Northwestern IT concluded a pilot of the GlobalProtect VPN service with schools and departments to gain valuable feedback on the migration process. 

Impact on the Community

Beginning this month, Northwestern IT is partnering with IT administrators across the University to determine transition dates convenient to their school and department.

Additional information, including a self-service downloadable package and step-by-step installation instructions, will be provided to the community in advance of their school or department migration date.

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