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UPDATE: Zoom Cancels Mandatory Security Requirement

Posted Date: 9 Sep 2020

Modified Date: 23 Sep 2020

Effective Date: 27 Sep 2020


Zoom has canceled its decision, to make a Waiting Room or Passcode mandatory for all meetings on September 27, 2020. Therefore, Northwestern users will not be required to choose one of these options when scheduling meetings moving forward.

Despite this change in plans, Northwestern IT continues to advise all users to secure meetings as needed and request a webinar license for any meetings where the link will be promoted publicly on a website or social media.

Beginning September 27, 2020, Zoom is making a change to require either a Passcode (formerly referred to as passwords) or Waiting Room to be enabled for all meetings. Both security features allow the meeting host to manage who is allowed into the session and prevent unexpected “Zoombombing” disturbances.

For Zoom accounts with the Waiting Room or Passcode settings already enabled, no action is needed. After September 27, Zoom will automatically add a waiting room to any meetings that are not passcode-protected.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to log in to Zoom, and review the following options, before September 27, 2020:

Waiting Room

Who should go in the waiting room?


PLEASE NOTE: Once you enable Waiting Room or Passcode in your Zoom account settings, these settings will be enabled when scheduling a meeting. If you select Passcode in your Zoom account, this setting will only apply to new meetings. Previously scheduled meetings and your Personal Meeting Room will have Waiting Room enabled on September 27 unless you edit the meeting and add a passcode.

Zoom is making this change to help prevent meeting disturbances. As activity picks back up with the start of the new academic year, please review recommendations for preventing “Zoombombing” and request a webinar license for meetings advertised to the public.

Please visit the IT Knowledge Base for more information on Zoom security and privacy settings.

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