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Webcasting at Northwestern

Northwestern Information Technology provides webcasting services to allow for the broadcasting of lectures, panel discussions, and other events. These webcasting services include video production, video editing, and content streaming. The options for each are dependent upon the audience and the requirements of the content provider.

Webcast Venues

Prior to requesting a Webcast, the event organizer must reserve a location.  Any location on campus can support a webcast, however each room has advantages or disadvantages for camera placement, lighting and appropriate audio support for capturing the speakers.


The cost for Webcasting an event is dependent upon a variety of factors including the complexity of a production and length of the event.


Webcast events must follow all the same rules as film production. All necessary permits will be required for outside filming and filming in public places.


Once the event deliverables have been articulated, a work order will be presented to the event sponsor. The work order is to be signed, dated, the appropriate chart of accounts number added, and returned to Northwestern IT Advanced Media Production Studio.

Release Form

All participants to be filmed in a Webcasting event must complete a release form. Download Webcast Release Form pdf 

Copyright Materials

Organizers must certify that they have the right to present the material used in their Webcast. It is their obligation to obtain any permission forms necessary in order to use copyrighted material. In the event of an infringement claim, organizers will defend and indemnify Northwestern University.

Request a Webcast

For any questions or to request a quote, please email the Northwestern IT Advanced Media Production Studio early in the event planning process to help ensure that the Webcast is a success.

Last Updated: 20 December 2018

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