Advanced Research Computing

Northwestern University is a recognized leader in global networking and research. Northwestern University Information Technology (NUIT) supports the University's development of an infrastructure that meets current research needs, anticipates future growth, and fosters collaborations among researchers both on- and off-campus.

Researchers at Northwestern can expect an advanced computational environment that includes:

  • A large-scale shared high performance computing system, called Quest, provides University researchers with a professionally maintained, clustered computing platform
  • Global Network Partnerships — Participation in ongoing international, national, and statewide networking initiatives such as Science, Technology, and Research Transit Access Point (Starlight), an interconnection facility for global research networks
  • High Speed Connections — Supported by an infrastructure that ensures reliable high-performance bandwidth with speeds of up to 10Gbps
  • Data Storage Services — High availability computing services for critical research systems
  • Research software licensing — Includes MATLAB, Mathematica, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and a growing list of open-source software applications
  • Visualization Services — Offer a unique opportunity for data analysis
  • Campus facilities — Leverage existing and improved network facilities and resources to transmit massive scientific data
High Performance Computing

The University's high performance computing services and resources provide Northwestern University researchers and educators an opportunity to conduct scientific investigations, produce advanced visualizations, develop unique educational programs, and optimize their applications for large parallel computing environments.

Global Network Partnerships

Northwestern's location in the third largest metropolitan area in the United States makes it a hub for high-speed education and research networking. Among the prominent global research network collaborations is StarLight, the "optical STAR TAP" (Science, Technology, and Research Transit Access Point), hosted on the University's Chicago campus.

Designed and developed by researchers, for researchers, StarLight interconnects advanced networks worldwide and is a proving ground for next generation national and international optical networks.

Most major backbone networks in North America peer at StarLight including, ESnet, National LambdaRail, and CANARIE, as well as other international networks, including SURFnet and GLORIAD.

Infrastructure Support

The convergence of voice, data, and video services ensures the NU Network anticipates and meets the needs of research and communications at Northwestern including reliable performance bandwidth for high-speed connections.

Social Sciences Computing Cluster

The Social Sciences Computing Cluster provides a centrally-managed data storage service, a rich suite of statistical software applications, and an advanced computational capability to support the computationally intensive research activities of Northwestern University social scientists.

Data Center Facilities

In support of research at Northwestern, the University Data Center deliver high-quality, high-availability computing for critical systems. Managed by NUIT, research-specific servers can be located at the recently upgraded Research Data Center facilities.

Research Grant & Proposal Partnerships

NUIT provides consultation on appropriate sources of external funding for research projects in addition to assistance with grant applications.

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