Important Security Measures Added to Northwestern's E-mail Defense System

Posted Date: 20 Feb 2006

Effective Date: 20 Feb 2006

In consultation with the Office of the Provost, NUIT is implementing two mission-critical measures to control the escalating amount of junk e-mail directed to Northwestern's central mail servers.

The E-mail Defense System (EDS) has been highly effective in blocking much of the junk e-mail. However, the volume of these unsolicited messages has increased 60% since September 2005 and an additional 40% since January 2006, putting a strain on networked University resources.

Effective February 20, 2006:

  1. All e-mail with a greater than "99" junk probability rating from EDS tests will now be deleted, reducing the amount of junk e-mail held in quarantine. (This will not affect undergraduate students or alumni, as their e-mail deletion thresholds are already lower than "99.") EDS contains several hundred "junk e-mail" tests that analyze individual message characteristics. Based on these tests, each message is assigned a probability rating between 0 and 100. The higher the rating, the more likely the message is to be marked as junk. Visit How the E-mail Defense System Works for more information.

    PLEASE NOTE: NUIT recommends disabling auto-delivery of the EDS daily quarantine digest to your e-mail inbox if you are not reviewing the digest on a daily basis. Visit EDS Preferences for instructions.
  2. Anonymous directory queries from off-campus will be blocked to help further prevent the harvesting of e-mail addresses by known spammers, which has been one contributing factor to the recent increase in junk e-mail. This means that if you conduct University business from off-campus, or if you are associated with a University affiliate which is not on the NU Network, you must connect with Virtual Private Network (VPN) software to use directory queries from your e-mail client.

    Visit Authenticating to the NU Network (VPN) for downloading and configuration instructions. Visit Use a Secure Connection to Access the Online Directory for more information about anonymous directory queries.

    Members of the University community will still be able to access full directory information from off-campus by using the "authenticated access" service from Non-authenticated users will continue to receive limited directory information.

Impact on End User

Reducing the overall volume of junk e-mail will ensure the efficiency of the EDS for the entire University community. Quarantine digests sent to users who are opted-in to the EDS will be shorter and easier to manage.

Visit EDS Preferences for instructions on how to disable auto-delivery of your daily EDS quarantine digest or opt-out of the EDS.

All off-campus users should connect to the NU Network with VPN to safely and successfully access University resources. Visit Authenticating to the NU Network (VPN) for downloading and configuration instructions.

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