Unified Messaging Voice Mail Joins Growing List of Collaboration Services Features

Posted Date: 9 Aug 2012

Modified Date: 13 Jun 2013

Effective Date: 13 Jun 2013

Unified Messaging Inbox MessageAs part of the ongoing University Collaboration Services initiative, NUIT is implementing Microsoft Unified Messaging for faculty and staff. This effort integrates voice mail with the email, calendaring, and messaging tools that are already available.

With Unified Messaging, missed call notifications and voice mails that look like an email message will be sent to user inboxes. The phone number or Collaboration Services username of the caller will appear in the subject line. For voice mails, an audio message will be attached that can be opened and listened to on computers or mobile devices.

Impact on End User

The general University transition of individual users with Collaboration Services accounts and voice mail-only mailboxes to Unified Messaging is complete. NUIT is currently confirming that all voice mailboxes have been accounted for before the legacy Octel voice mail service is taken offline later in 2013. School or department Local Readiness Team Leads (LRTLs) should contact NUIT Support Services directly if they still have voice mailboxes that have not been transitioned to Unified Messaging.

Users forwarding messages from Collaboration Services to any other email application will lose some functionality of Unified Messaging. A full Unified Messaging features matrix outlining the capabilities of specific email programs is available on the NUIT Collaboration Services Web site.

Visit the Unified Messaging Overview to learn about system features and keep up to date on the progress of the project on the Collaboration Services Project Status web page.

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