NUIT Podcast: Information Security News - 9/20

Posted Date: 20 Sep 2012

Effective Date: 20 Sep 2012

This week, NUIT's Senior Data Security Analyst, Roger Safian, discusses information security issues of concern to the NU community, including:

  • An update for iPhones with iOS 6
  • More futuristic options that could take the place of passwords
  • A study on PINs reveals that 8068 is (or was) the least used combination

Links mentioned in this session are available below in Additional Information. Listen now.

The Information Security News podcast series, hosted by Senior Data Security Analyst Roger Safian, provides the Northwestern University community with timely information security issues and tips for a more secure computing experience.

The Information Security News series is a complement to the NUIT to Go series, which focuses on current and upcoming information technology services, initiatives, and support. Have a topic you'd like to suggest? Contact NUIT Communications.

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