The Document Sharing and Data Storage Finder is a self-service, interactive tool to select storage services based on features important to you. Choose just those you want to learn more about, or explore and compare them all. Please see the Usage Guidelines for University policy, guidelines, and best practices for data classification and use.

If you have questions about your document sharing and data storage needs, please contact your local IT support or the IT Service Desk for assistance.

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    Usage Guidelines

    When sharing files electronically, please follow all University Policies.

    For the purpose of these guidelines, all University data will be referred to as public, internal, or legally/contractually restricted, as outlined in the University Data Access Policy.

    References to sensitive data should be understood to mean any data that the compromise of, with respect to confidentiality, integrity, and/or availability, could adversely affect University interests or the privacy to which individuals are entitled.

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