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This is the image of the GlobalProtect VPN login screen

GlobalProtect VPN Update

Northwestern IT has performed an update to GlobalProtect, the University’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), introducing a change to the login process. The update resolves login issues reported by users across the University and reduces the number of times necessary to authenticate to Web Single Sign On.

Person scrolling on cell phone

Keeping Data Private is Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Securing data doesn’t have to be complicated. In recognition of Data Privacy Week, we are sharing news about information security office hours and essential steps to help you make the right decisions about keeping data private.

Image of the Service Management Portal on various devices

Get to Know the New IT Service Management Portal

As part of an ongoing commitment to improve service delivery across the University community, Northwestern IT introduced a new IT Service Management (ITSM) Portal built on the TeamDynamix platform. The portal is designed to help users find the IT information, resources, and support they need, more efficiently and through enhanced features.

Image of the new IT site on various devices

Welcome to the New IT Site

Northwestern IT is excited to introduce a refreshed website, the culmination of a year-long effort to redesign the organization's online presence to better prioritize the user experience. We invite you to take a guided tour of the highlights, including new convenience features, upgraded navigation, and more.

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Student at airport with feet on luggage

Before You Go

Even if you leave your laptop computer at home, you’ll probably stay connected when traveling during spring break – you can check your phone on the beach or on a mountaintop. Remain cybersafe following simple practices to keep your information protected from cybercriminal meddling.



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