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IT Project: Northwestern IT Website Refresh

Project Status

May 2021: Efforts are underway to collect feedback from the campus community. Students, faculty, staff, and researchers are participating in user-experience testing, an online survey is now available on the site, and interviews with information technology stakeholders will occur through June 2021.

Project Timeline


In January 2017, the Northwestern IT website was relaunched in the University’s updated template to improve web accessibility. The update was predominantly cosmetic and retained the site architecture. In 2018, the Northwestern IT Service Catalog launched, evolving the site further. While the site undergoes regular maintenance and modifications, the information architecture is due for a review, and we are focused on:

Goals and Objectives

Technology impacts everyone at Northwestern and enables the campus community to carry out its work and the University's mission. We understand providing straightforward and streamlined access to information about Northwestern IT services and support is critical. Technology evolves rapidly. We are committed to providing a web experience featuring timely information on services and tools and updates on new technologies available to students, faculty, staff, and researchers.

At the end of the project, we expect the following outcomes:


The project includes a phased approach from May 2021 to April 2022:


The target dates below are subject to change as the project progresses.



Target Date


One Assessment, Discovery, and Research May—July 2021 In progress
Two Ideate, Design, Optimize, and Test August 2021—March 2022 In planning
Three Implement, Generate Awareness, and Monitor April 2022—Ongoing  

Project Team Engagement




Project Role

Sean Reynolds

Vice President for Information Technology and CIO

Northwestern IT

Executive Sponsor

Steve Christensen

Associate Director

Northwestern IT Communications

Project Sponsor

Deirdre Lee

Project Manager Lead

Northwestern IT Services and Support

Project Manager

Chris Ganjani

Communications Specialist

Northwestern IT Communications

Project Lead

Serena Simpson

Communications Specialist

Northwestern IT Communications

Project Team

Nick Tiemersma

Digital Designer

Northwestern IT Communications

Project Team

Anastasia Masurat

Director of Digital Strategy

Northwestern Office of Global Marketing and Communications

Project Team

Jacob Arnold


Associate Director, Enterprise Systems and Application Development

Northwestern Office of Global Marketing and Communications

Project Team

Amber London

UX Researcher/Analyst

Northwestern Office of Global Marketing and Communications

Project Team

Last Updated: 19 May 2021

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