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IT Service Status
IT Service Status

GlobalProtect VPN Update

On Tuesday, February 21, Northwestern IT will perform an update to GlobalProtect, the  University’s Virtual Private Network (VPN), that will introduce a change to the login process. The update will resolve login issues reported by users across the University and reduce the number of times necessary to authenticate to Web Single Sign On.

What to Expect

The first time you log in to GlobalProtect after the February 21 update, you will sign in using the  GlobalProtect Login window as usual. However, the second time you log in and all times thereafter, you will be prompted to allow your browser to open GlobalProtect URLs.

In most browsers, a pop-up will appear with the option to choose “allow” or “always allow.” If “always allow” is chosen, you should not be prompted again. If you do not allow the browser to open, please know you will be unable to make a successful VPN connection.

Important Information for Mac Users

If Safari on macOS is your default browser, this prompt will appear each time you log in to GlobalProtect, and you will have to choose “allow” to connect. This is a known behavior in Safari.

Troubleshooting Tip

If you experience a connection delay after logging in to GlobalProtect, you can refresh your connection. Click on the GlobalProtect icon in the Windows Tray or Mac Finder Bar to bring up the app. Then, click the menu icon in the upper right, and select “Refresh Connection.”


If you encounter problems connecting to GlobalProtect on or after February 21, please contact the Northwestern IT Service Desk at or 847-491-4357 (1-HELP).