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IT Service Status
IT Service Status

Changes to the Remote Identity Verification Process

On April 11, 2024, the Northwestern IT Service Desk implemented an updated remote identity verification process for users who call in or email to reset their NetID password. These changes ensure the validation process is more accurate and aligns with industry security standards. We strongly encourage distributed IT who have local NetID administration capabilities and provide password reset services to align with these best practices.

Identity Verification Support Options

Remote identity verification is one of several ways a user can request that access to their accounts be reset. The updated process now includes the following three tiers of support options.

  1. Duo Push Authentication —If the user has set up a Duo push-enabled device, agents can send a Duo push to the user. If the user verifies they received the push, and the agent confirms acceptance, their ID is “confirmed,” and the agent will help them regain access to their account. If the push authentication fails, the agent proceeds to the next tier.
  2. Live Video ID Verification—The agent will provide the user with a list of requirements to complete the live video ID verification process. These requirements include:
    • Valid Acceptable Form of Identification
    • Stable Internet Connection
    • Webcam-Enabled Device or Front-Facing Camera
    • Good Lighting and Clear Visibility of Face and ID

    Once the user is ready, they will join a video call with an agent, who will verify their identity and ID. If the user passes the remote ID verification process, their ID is confirmed, and the agent will proceed to assist with account access. If the verification process fails, the agent will inform them and follow the appropriate steps, including retrying it later, escalating the issue to the Northwestern IT Information Security Office, or moving to security questions.

  3. Security Questions—The agent will ask the user two random security questions that were previously set up in their account. If both questions are answered correctly, the user’s ID is considered “confirmed,” and the agent will help the user regain access to their account. Please note this support option will be phased out in mid-July once changes to Duo-verified push and telephone/SMS for multi-factor authentication are completed.